Cultural Transformation Experience

Jeff Hagett, Senior Corporate Director – Cultural Transformation for the Ritz-Carlton, shares the culture and philosophy of The Ritz-Carlton with companies around the world. He’s worked with companies in transportation, energy, healthcare, and financial as well as other industries. On May 7th, 2014, Jeff will share his most current and relavent insights and employable techniques with you. Business owners, partners, leaders and key management teams will have a rare opportunity to meet and speak with Jeff in this mastermind setting. This experience is not just an opportunity, it’s an essential for business leaders that want to significantly improve their “Customer Service Experience”.

As an internationally recognized presenter for The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, Mr. Hargett has brought the culture of The Ritz-Carlton to over 20,000 people along with sharing his support and belief in the culture of service excellence.

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Engage with Your Customer Through Excellence in Leadership

  • Your customers’ experience is a key branding mechanism. By consistently giving them the very best customer experience, you improve brand awareness.
  • By following old patterns and protolcols that worked in the past, you may be doing more damage than good, regardless of how well you do it.
  • Bring your entire Leadership Team and give them the first-hand knowledge that can best be learned by attending this engaging and collaborative experience.
  • Engage with a new standard for excellence in your organization.

About the Venue:



The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel —

Perched high on picturesque coastal bluffs overlooking one of Southern California’s most spectacular stretches of coastline, The Ritz-Carlton provides the ideal setting for corporate learning in an elegant, relaxed environment. Join colleauges form leading companies throughout in Orange County and beyond. Bring your key managers and rising stars form your organization and accelerate the benefitsyou’ll learn from Jeff Hargett and other attendees. Your customers and others in your organization will be impressed by the dynamic change.

End the day by relaxing at the Ritz-Carlton in a casual hosted cocktail reception following the event.
You’ll enjoy sharing your new insights with others, and hearing theirs. This mixer is specofically designed to strengthen the knowledge and new perspectives you’ve learned.

Register Now!  Seating is limited.  The Benefits Aren’t.