Excel in Leadership: Not Because You Have To — Because You Can!

Founded in 2001,The Milestones In Leadership Summit delivers a powerful, top-tier experience where entire leadership teams come to learn, bond and grow – together. It has become the premiere off-site corporate retreat in Southern California. For the cost and the quality of speaker, venue and take-away, there is simply no better leadership development opportunity – or value – available.

Our 2015 speaker: Cameron Herold is one of the most candid, honest and captivating speakers you’ll ever have the pleasure of learning from, and you’ll savor every minute. His approach is fast-paced. His message is delightful yet riveting. You’ll wonder at the insightful simplicity of his thinking while being amazed at the depth and usefulness of the information. At the end of a full day of learning, Cameron will leave you saturated, energized and eager to employ his concepts and methods in your business.

Bring Your Entire Leadership Team — Every year Presidents, CEOs, COOs, CIO’s and top entrepreneurs form many of Southern California’s most successful companies (big and small) tell us the same thing; “I’m so glad I brought my team” — or, “I’m so sorry I didn’t – but I definitely will next year”.

By bringing your top-tier leaders, clients and business associates you will multiply the takeaway value. Each of you will hear different useful gems that can be shared and more effectively implemented in your business(s) the very next day.

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Think Differently. Advance Decisively. Succeed Effortlessly.

Discover systems that hundreds of entrepreneurial companies are now utilizing to win:

  • How to figure out what your company should look like three years out
  • How to communicate your vision so employees rally to make it happen
  • Practical tips on recruiting great employees in any job market
  • Systems on how to really interview candidates so you only select the ones that fit your culture – not just the job requirements
  • How to retain top employees so they won’t jump ship on you – again
  • How to create alignment so employees are working on the right projects
  • The power of having a culture that attracts great employees
  • Strategic Planning tools so simple to use, and yet incredibly effective
  • A practical roadmap for exponential (and profitable) business growth no matter what stage your company is in
  • Tools that will have your team working on the critical few projects instead of all the miscellaneous busy work they do today
  • Tools to allow every project to get completed on time – every time
  • How to plan & run incredibly effective, efficient meetings (seriously!)
  • The power of Annual & Quarterly Retreats
  • The power of setting daily & weekly TOP 5 priorities
  • All the best ideas on running a Daily Huddle meeting with all employees
  • How to harness simple technology tools to grow faster and more profitably
  • Finally – the resources you need to master the critical aspects of growing a company without driving yourself crazy or working 80+ hours per week

About the Venue:

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa


Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach resort and Spa —

Shimmering views of the Pacific and luxurious amenities abound at the oceanfront Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa. Innovative, Spanish-inspired architecture sets the scene for a memorable retreat at our resort hotel, complete with pampering spa treatments, irresistible restaurants, ocean adventures and superior service. From surfing to arts and entertainment. The Hyatt is one of Orange County’s premiere coastal resort destinations

End the day or start the weekend by relaxing at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa in a casual yet energized hosted cocktail reception immediately following the event.

You’ll gain and share new insights with your team leaders and others. This mixer is specifically designed to strengthen the knowledge and new perspectives you’ve learned.

Register Now!  Seating is limited.  Your level of Success isn’t!